“We can view the current era as an era of extreme liquefaction. Humans are melting in their own values, priorities and meanings, while the search for the creation of life inevitably leads to water. The time of redefining, the time of remaking all-things-connected-to-fluidity into a new organism has come: the universal common ancestor, LUCA2020.” - Alexandra Karpuchina ⠀ ོ ⠀⠀
ོ There are different opinions on the specific character of the LUCA organism, its natural environment and feeding behaviours. It was most likely a simple, microscopic, prokaryotic organism, similar to modern bacteria or archaea, which reproduced asexually and lived in the water. Exhibition LUCA2020 will present in the new gallery over 50 exhibits from all over the world, created exclusively for this event. The list of artists was derived from the original author, the last universal common ancestor, LUCA2020. This project mirrors the beginnings of life on Earth and the behaviour of the so-called positive virus by way of mutual nominations and the multiplication of authors following the pattern of binary cell fission. However the creative process will not end when the exhibition launches. New art pieces will continue to be created even afterwards and be presented via an online platform. Thus the project will become spatially and temporally infinite. ⠀ ོ ⠀

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